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ZeroQode PDF Converter - searching for the element ID

I feel like this is a simple question, but still pretty new to Bubble and don’t fully understand all aspects.

I’m using the PDF converter plugin (Zeroqode’s) to convert an element of the page to PDF. In the workflow page, it asks for element ID. I’m not sure where I could find this for the element I want to be converted, what would be the steps to find the element ID of a given group?


Try this:

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In your Bubble editor move to Setting → General category
1.Scroll a little bit down and look for :Expose the option to add an ID attribute to HTML elements
2. Check the box
3. Go back to page where is your converter and open group edit.
4. Scroll to end and you will see field Attribute ID . Define the name ( whatever)
5. Define your group id in Converter PDF settings , field "Id’’
6. That is it!