Bubble Rich Text Editor Plugin - Bullet Point Lists

Is there a way to make it so the bullet point and numbered lists in the Bubble RTE Plugin would function as you may expect and have the second line be aligned to the first line and not the bullet point or the number?

This is how it looks when rendered in a text element on the page

This is how it looks when added into the RTE element on the page from a users perspective
Screen Shot 2020-09-04 at 2.45.18 PM

Shouldn’t it just be automatic to have the ‘your’ be aligned and be directly underneath ‘the’ in my first screen shot example of how it is rendered on the page in a text element?

@eve is this a potential bug or a known limitation of the plugin functionality?

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Seems to align as expected for me…

Maybe check the dev tools to see where the style’s being applied? (Perhaps the style is coming from a plugin or an inline style element?)

Thanks for the feedback. I tested on a new page with an RTE element and text element set to the value of the RTE and noticed it was aligning properly.

So I went back to edit the article I had an issue with, and thought it could be due to the fact that I copied the text of the article from my word document, so I highlighted to the text in my editing page and added the bullet points from the RTE plugin itself, and sure enough it fixed the issue.

Must be something to do with copying the layout from another source such as a word document that caused the RTE plugin to not recognize it as a bullet point list.

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Yeah, copy/paste from a word processor is generally not recommended, as formatting is often not preserved. In fact, some web-based editors have a dedicated “Paste from Word” button to handle the “translation”.

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