Rich Text Input Acting Wonky

For example, when I attempt to move the line that says ‘More stuff to say here, but…’ to the next line, it doesn’t move. And sometimes if I press enter to add another bulleted item, it doesn’t do anything or is moves to the next line but doesn’t add a bullet.

are you using a RTE plugin?

Yes, using RTE plugin

Is it the one created by ZeroQode? If so, you should email their support.

No, looks like it’s Bubble’s.

Are you using the legacy or the improved “Rich Text Editor”?

This one is not the legacy version

Can you confirm you have not set any internal padding here?

Edit: I can see that the padding is not the issue. Bullet points and numbers are indented by default.


Apologies, I read the title and assumed I understood the question in its entirety.

Not sure how much assistance I can give here as I’m not well versed in the plugin. When you say to move the line to the following line, I assume you are just to the left of the first character and pressing enter?

If that is the case, maybe check the console to see if the plugin is producing any client-side errors that you may be able to fix, but if the behaviour can be reproduced on a brand new page with the RTE plugin best bet would be to reach out to Bubble Bug Reports as they manage the plugin Bug Report | Bubble.

Sorry I cannot be of more help.

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