Bubble Rich Text Input Plugin - Extra New Lines Bug

Hey everyone… Are any of you using the Bubble Rich Text Input plugin?

In my app, it is randomly adding double or treble new line characters… so where I have one new line suddenly there are two, where I have two new lines (for a new paragraph) then I have four. The behaviour seems totally random and I don’t know how to recreate it to submit a bug report. When you delete the extra new lines, they get added again the next time you save… sometimes 3x rather than 2x…!

Have you experienced the same?
Do you know a workaround?
Do you know how to recreate it so I can submit a bug report?
@neerja, have others reported this behaviour to you?


So content like this:


The editor modifies to look like this:


I got issue with the browser zoom in the past not to be at 100%, maybe that?

@antony No other reports of this issue so far

Hey folks, thanks for your input. I’ve managed to narrow the problem down to Firefox being the issue, and I have created a repeatable example. It is submitted as bug #5840.

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