Bug in Rich Text File Input Plugin (Bubble) ug report #8432 escalated

Hello, @eve
Do you have any news About the Bug report #8432 that you have reproduce and escalated 10 days ago.

In ‘rich text Input’ -> insert a link.
eg > URL : google.fr
Description (optional): Google

The link don’t go on google.fr but on:




I filed a bug report about the rich text editor about a month ago…I heard back immediately that engineers would be looking into it and revamping the plugin.

I checked in a couple days ago and was told the revamping, meant they essentially are scrapping the rich text plugin as it is now and are building a new one. This seemed to imply they are not making any changes or fixing bugs on the existing plugin, and are waiting to launch the new “revamped” plugin.

They gave no timeframe for when this would happen…so kind of seems like an issue they are not very concerned about. For me, I don’t it yet as I am not close to launch, however if it is not available by the time I am, I expect to need to purchase a plugin that works from a third party.

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