[Resolved] Has anyone successfully implemented Segment?

Hey all,

Just wondering if anyone’s successfully implemented it? It’s not connecting for me, and there don’t seem to be any other forum threads about it that provide any info.

Possible issues:

  1. Bubble asks for 3 separate “secret codes/keys etc.” but segment only provides 1, “Write Key”.
  2. I’m trying to use the source “HTTP API”, is that correct?
  3. EDIT: I just using a Javascript Source but it’s still not connecting to segment.

I set up some analytics -> send X to segment workflows setup and deployed to live, but the actions are not connecting to segment.


We did successfully implement Segment for a client. Please see below the screenshot of the plugin settings. other than this we simply configure workflows where we track events with segment and it works.


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thanks, tried it, but it does’t seem to work.

what can i possible be doing wrong?

The plugins page info is correct, i am adding segment workflows, and deployed everything to live, where i clicked links/buttons to test it, and it’s still not going through.

what am i missing?

are you testing with the development version or live? if it’s live, did you deploy your app?

I’m making the changes in test (obviously), deploying to live, then logging in and clicking around in live.

EDIT: Resolved, seems to work now. Possible it was a temporary bug, or it just takes too long to connect. Anyways, people who want to do this, make the source Javascript, and add your write key and set project id to “javascript”, as levon’s image above.

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Hi @levon

I’m currently trying to implement Segment in my own app and having some troubles with the Identify call.

It works fine, but it only sends through the email address. And there doesn’t seem to be options to send through other ‘traits’ like Name, Company, Plan or anything else.

Were you able to work out a way to send these traits through?

can you show some screenshots to understand better what you mean and how you configured both Bubble side and Segment side?

Hello Everyone,

I´m having this problem, as I believe, Segment should be having the user’s first and last name as well, not only the email. I see this in Segment and I have no clue if it’s working properly

Should I see the user’s first and last name every time it identifies the visitor?

let me know!

Hi Levon where do i get the write key to setup segment with bubble?

is it the key that is in the java snippet?