Hello there! after reading many posts in this forum regarding on how to implement segment, I’ve come up to this situation;

There are 2 options. The official bubble plug in or the one by an external coder.

The one by bubble, doesn’t allows to send traits (like first name, lastname, or plan, etc.) but seems to be working nicely with no bugs.

And the one by the external agency, seems to don’t work properly. I’ve try to install it, but system declares problems and the creators were not really helpful about on how to install it.

Has anyone SUCCESSFULLY implemented Segment and could share the way to do so?

Thanks in advance!

Hey @martin2,

The Track events with Segment plugin does support Segment Traits. You can use the instructions posted in the plugin page to install it, and use the Identify user with traits actions to define a Trait object. There is an example JSON Trait object in the fields so you have something to work with. Be sure to refer to Segment’s own documentation for more information about Traits work, and what you can do with them. :slight_smile:

Hello @copilot

I’ve already tried your plugin, and it didn’t worked for me. We had a chat via PM and we couldn’t get to anywhere…

I tried identifying the user with your plugin, I did the 64 bit encoding and it still didn’t recognized the users in my app.

I asked you about this, and you guys told me you couldn’t help me any further. So, I’m kinda looking someone that wouldn’t mind giving me few screenshots of the “how to” implementing this correctly.

Hey @emmanuel is there any plan soon about improving this plug-in? would be a great solution, to open a wide variety of opportunities to have well implemented Segment and the possibility of sending traits. :slight_smile:

Here’s a video break-down on how to use the Segment plugin. If you need a further look at understanding Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Segment and analytics as a whole, give the User Analytics course a shot.

As long as you follow instructions and understand the integrated service itself, it’s not complicated. :+1:

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Hello there, thanks for your answer!

I’ve tried to set your plug-in again, and it’s not working,

I have configured your plug in like this (doing the B64 coding followed by a colon and a space)

I’ve set a “identify user with traits” in the workflow when the user signs-up like this

And when I test it, it gives me this error
It means “there has been a mistake, and your request could not be done”… please try again later…

On the Segment debugger, there is no “identify” user action, so I guess it didn’t recognized nothing

What could be the problem?

That’s not valid JSON; you have a comma trailing your Traits object. Here’s more about the JSON Syntax.

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