Bubble's Stripe Plugin - How to View Invoice PDFs?

I am using Bubble’s Stripe plugin, but it doesn’t seem to have an option to display the invoice PDF or the Stripe invoice number (not the ID - I want my user to see the Stripe invoice number in their account that they see on their invoice). Is there any easy way to do this without getting into other plugins, webhooks, and all that? The plugin is pulling the invoice data from Stripe and storing it in my DB, so it seems it should be fairly simple to grab the PDF and the invoice number at the same time. I am open to using GET and POST options, but would need a little guidance on how to implement, since APIs are not my forte.

Hi there,

I have a PDF’ type ‘file’ in my Stripe-Payment-Details thing, but I am not seeing an option to add the pdf from the ‘create an invoice item’ action: