Bubble system email using Sendgrid v3 handlebars templates

I’m working on a new app and I’m trying to use the bubble system notifications (e.g. reset password, confirm email etc) through the native Sendgrid mailer, and I’m not finding any way to use the new Sendgrid handlebars template tags. I seem to be able to get the classic working using the old <%body%> format, but no idea what to use for the new templates. 3 questions:

  1. Does anyone know if Bubble’s built-in mailing function supports the new template tags in v3
  2. If so, how do I reference the Bubble system message content into the SendGrid transactional email templates?
  3. If not, is there an alternative solution that allows for sending account and system transactional emails using the ‘Send emails with SendGrid’ plugin that I’ve used before and love?

Thanks in advance!


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