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Bubble update alert appearing every several seconds

In Preview mode, I notice this alert appearing at the top of my app, approximately every 3-5 seconds, even after I refresh my browser:

I’ve logged in and logged out of Bubble, but this update alert continues to appear.

If this is due to the Bubble app updates, I’m wondering how future updates like this will affect my users of the app.

And is it possible to alert my users that slowdowns might occur on particular days and timeframes?


Are there other people working in your app editor at the same time? I’ve never had this issue, it certainly sounds strange and might be worth an official bug ticket.

Nope, no one else is working on my app right now.

If you are still getting the alert, and no one is working on your app, then yes raise a ticket.

As a last check before you do, close all browser windows containing the app, and then clear all cookies for the site address.

Then open the app again and see if they have stopped.