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We Just Updated this Page

This keeps showing up in preview even if I have made no changes. It shows up after about 5 seconds after loading the page. Is there some updates going on right now that is causing this?

I created a new app and experiencing the same problem.

There is another thread saying the same thing, maybe something going on (updates) in @Bubble today.

Thanks for sharing the thread. I think there are some updates going on because even sign up is not working. Keep on saying “the two passwords doesn’t match”. I can verify the passwords are same in the debugger.

Hmm, this shouldn’t be happening. Are you still seeing this? If so, which appname?

I closed all my browser tabs and reopened and then it worked. Not sure if this happened because of switching between bubble apps.

this is happening again. Anyone has this issue?

Currently I’m experiencing same issue.

I assumed this was updates from

I’ve been having this issue this week pretty regularly. It usually goes away for me after about 2-3 minutes of clicking the refresh button without making any more edits.

same here, but it is mostly after a lot of edits so I just assume its the database catching up with the changes…