Bubble vs Dreamweaver (wappler)

I have just started to dive into Wappler.io and since this post was created it has come a long way and have to say I was blown away!!!

I have been with Bubble almost 4 years now and have lived with the limitations and performance issues. Ok It has taught me a fair bit as I try and work around all the issues, but IMO Wappler blows it out of the water. It is incredible, and you get to keep all the code and it appears version 3.0 coming soon will be a game changer!

For now I will use Bubble to test ideas, but it certainly is not a saas production platform, but it does appear this is not their focus anymore. Cost comparisons too are now no longer that different it becomes an issue.

At some point when you move away from MVP to production you will find you need to look elsewhere and you will need to own the code and be able to stipulate where your data sits. More now than ever. So if you are looking around I would say this is my best pick.


What’s coming in version 3.0?

I think the biggest obstacle to Wappler is the lack of tutorials for non-coders and the short trial period. Coupled with the high starting price, it seems like this tool is targeted towards professionals who are well versed in coding.

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Hi @loh.cher.e

I thought so too and heard this so stayed away then thought well might as well check it out. I am not a programmer but a very experienced business analyst, I wasn’t a programmer when I started using Bubble, but to fix some of the issue and some of the limitations I had to learn some and to create a well designed database, actions and API, even some Jscript. Using Bubble for 3 + years now.

I am on day 3 of the trial and have spent about 6 hours so far getting to know the system and so far I have been able to create a project find my way around and creates database, on my normal website host and all by following the documentation: https://docs.wappler.io

I think you will find the next full version will have improvements to the backend connection process, while it really isn’t that difficult coming from bubble I would say the only difference is the process of creating you database, just like bubble you have to know how to structure your data, but this seems to be getting easier, or my knowledge is getting better.

I would say Bubble has been a good high school introduction but Wappler to set you up for the Wappler college. I wouldn’t agree it’s only for coders, I am certainly not one but I know how to read the documents and follow along - I probably will be one one day.

The 7 days is enough to find your way around and I am willing to pay the fee to get continue access because the actual support Wappler provides is so much better and they update the version with new bug fixes and improvements each week with full transparency of what is happening - unlike Bubble!

If you have never built anything online before then yep start with Bubble, but like myself you will soon come up against brick walls and it will be time to move on! Or you could jump in head first and spend the time you were going to spend learning bubble on Wappler.

But I would say coming from Bubble to Wappler you reduce that learning curve a bit.

What I am loving about Wappler is the transparency, the well documented bug fixes, the support response in the community, very much like Bubble if not more frequent by the actual Wappler staff. Something you do not see on the Bubble community anymore!

You are basically paying for the Wappler and once you deploy your code to your own server, anywhere in the world you get the code and you can sell it - which after all is why a lot of us came to Bubble.

Look bubble is not all bad, it is a good introduction and provides a service for those building internal apps, or setting up an MVP to get going, maybe even get some funding and moving on to production level applications. But over the years I have come to realise that is what it is. Unless they decide to provide an option for people to run the bubble platform on their own servers, improve transparency, improve issue management, support response for paying customers, it still falls into the same category as airtable, zoho, wix and similar apps.

Here is a good article written at the end of last year and it has change a fair bit since then but totally agree with this comparison. https://uniqueideas.com/bubble-to-wappler/


I signed up for Wappler and used it for a couple months. I had trouble getting an app together and there where lots of things that needed installing and lots more involved with setting up a database. The docker integration made it easier, lots easier to get going but learning how to connect it was far more complicated.
With bubble everything is available to your workflows straight away with Wappler you have to make connections and what not.
I went back to bubble because I’m way more proficient at it, I’m super quick and that speed just wouldn’t translate to Wappler… if your really good at bubble you can almost make changes like someone records dictation.
Saying this I still get the emails and every week without fail there are tonnes of bug fixes (yes they can find their bugs), new little features and often big new featueres. It makes me super jealous, bubble doesn’t release updates very often and I won’t lie sometimes I wonder what the hell they do when you compare the progress to wappler. Every week there is just so much.
For now I’ll stick with bubble however I’m unsure that bubble will be around for another decade, with other companies iterating so quickly they may well get left behind. I’ll probably end up switching to wappler when they get features like bubble has as far as creating tables in the database from the editor…

even if wappler isn’t around in a decade you’ll be able to edit and host your own website and arent tied to to the platform.

Also the price is per licence to use the software and not per app… a big plus… because you own the code you can pack your bags if the price goes up and if it does it just goes up for one item, a bubble price rise could affect multiple apps depending what you have running… and again your stuck on platform.

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Hi @chad, I agree that

I am proposing them to charge by licence in this thread, but until now noboby from Bubble said anything…

It won’t happen. There was a big hoo ha last time they put the prices up and the attitude then wouldn’t cause me to hold my breath that they’ll charge by the user.

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Hi @chad, thank you for your feedback.
I’m new here so I thought that was a valid point.

@chad the last few days I asked about the database integration and there is definitely an integrated database creator / manager coming.

Yeah wow
Game changer

Wappler first version early Release of its integrated database creator and manager! Getting Ready for full release in version 3.0

This is certainly a game changer!