Bubble + Whatsapp & Instagram

Hello everyone!

I’d need somebody who can help to understand what are the steps to follow for building an app on bubble where users can:

  1. sign up & create their account
  2. connect their whatsapp account
  3. connect their instagram account

Once this is done, I need the bubble app to do the following things on behalf of the user (it needs to be done everyday at the same hour) :

  1. send a message to a specific person on whatsapp (of course, every user will select this person in his/her list of contacts)
  2. create an instagram story with text being based on user database details

I guess the user will need to insert some API key for both connecting whatsapp and instagram to his bubble account, but I’m not sure.
Also, I guess this app requires some automation tools like zapier, unless there are some plugins that offer these features.

So please, can anybody tell me if this is all doable and what are the steps to follow to build it?

Thank you in advance!

Maybe I can help you clarify some things regarding WhatsApp (WA) and Instagram (IG).

  1. if you want to connect your customer’s WA or IG accounts to your Bubble app, you would have to create an app using Meta Developer’s portal [1].

  2. this Meta app will let you connect your user’s IG or WA Business account to your app, but building the back and forth for communicating with that app can be very complex using only Bubble. There are many HTTP requests that you need to do to be able to send or receive messages using this method.

For connecting WA alone, you could use our plugin [2] which doesn’t require that you create a Meta app as that’s already intrinsically covered by our API.

You could, for example, ask your user to enter their WA phone number, then use our API to create a connection that will generate a QR code that your user can scan using WhatsApp [3], and through that, you will get access to their account and be able to send messages on their behalf.

[1] https://developers.facebook.com/
[2] 2Chat: WhatsApp API & free widget Plugin | Bubble
[3] Channel — 2Chat API for Developers

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Thanks Carlos!

I have few more questions to ask you about the use of your plugins for WA.

  1. Is it possible for the user to schedule messages to groups more than just to a contact? of course the user should be given the chance to easily select among groups he/she belongs to.

  2. What are the costs (both from WA side and 2chat side) of having, for example, 100 users sending (each of them) 30 messages per month? that means sending 3000 messages overall, but I don’t know if there’s any extra cost for each signed up user sending his/her own message to his/her contacts

Thank you in advance!

  1. Yes. Messaging to numbers or groups is supported, and in the case of group chats, you are given the option to select the group you want to send the message to.

  2. We don’t charge per message, nor does WhatsApp, and this is because we automate WhatsApp Messenger and Business (app), which are free. Regarding the costs of 2Chat, for 3000 messages the Basic plan should be enough.

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Thanks Carlos. I just need to ask you one more clarification regarding the second question.

Is there any difference between the following two cases for sending 3000 messages?

  1. 100 users sending (each of them) 30 messages per month (total=3000 messages) to 100 different group (meaning that every user will send 30 messages per month to a specific group in his/her contact list)
  2. One single user sending 3000 messages to the group

I see that 2chat pricing plan says there’s an extra cost for extra agent and for extra numbers but I’m not sure whether those 100 potential users are considered “extra numbers” for 2chat. So please I need a clarification on this.

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

Since we don’t charge per message, the actual action of sending a message is not billed. What’s billed in calling the endpoint to send the message, which is making a request to /send-message.

Agents shouldn’t apply to you because you only need one, the administrator of the account.

What will affect your usage is the quantity of numbers you connect to 2Chat. Those numbers are billed at $15/month and are the only variable cost you’ll have with us.

If you have further questions about the specifics of 2Chat, please get in touch with us at 2chat.co as we wouldn’t want to spam the forum with content that isn’t helpful for everyone else.

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Thank you Carlos! everything is clear now :slight_smile: