Bubble -> Zapier Data API Security


I’m trying to connect my Bubble App to Zapier and trigger a Zap with an attached Bubble thing.

Which works as expected unless I change my data privacy rules for the corresponding thing.

I could make it work only when the thing’s type is publicly accessible via Data API.

I want to secure this connection so that my Data API for that thing is only accessible by Zapier.
I’ve read user and admin authentication methods, I believe Data API accepts token header for authentication. But how can I make it work with Zapier?

I’m not sure it’s the answer you’re after but is there anything stopping you from creating a bearer/API token in Bubble API settings specifically for Zapier and then passing it from your Zapier/webhook config?

Yeah, It does not let me pass anything else besides a “thing”. I will create a lambda function just to act as a middle-man between Bubble and Zapier so that I won’t expose the data publicly.