Bubbling on iPad Pro


Anyone here bubbling on iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard? Is it ok? Can you work effectively on that setup, or is it better to use a laptop?


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It’s definitely possible. I’ve made some quick changes from my iPad Pro before. But the additional screen real estate of a laptop would probably be a much improved experience. I’ve never tried the relatively new multi-monitor setup with an iPad though.

@erlendne I’ve got a 12.9" iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard. I hoped it’d make for a super-convenient portable Bubble setup when traveling, but it didn’t work well. The harsh reality is that bubbling on the MacBook Pro is so superior to the iPad Pro that there’s no point in wasting your time on the latter. Hope that helps!

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Thanks! Ill go for a laptop then :slight_smile:

Need something for when I’m travelling.

Can get a very good laptop for the price of an iPad Pro and magic keyboard.

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