iPad pro 12.9, pencil and Bubble. Workable?

Weird topic I know.

Has anyone tried Bubble with this tablet and the Apple Pencil? I remember checking with my 9.7 inch iPad sometime ago but the screen was too small to be useful for Bubble.


Try downloading Puffin Browser.


How do you envision using the pencil? I’m wondering what value you’re looking to get out of using that input device. I use my Apple Pencil all the time and can’t find a reason I’d want to use it in Bubble. I’d be intrigued to hear your use case!

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Signature pad maybe?

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Because I can’t use a mouse and it’s thinner than my finger :slight_smile: So just precision so long as mouse can be emulated as with Puffin Browser.

It’s not that I’m going to do it. Just asking if someone has tried and what showstoppers if any are present. i.e. right click contextual menus.

I am just interested in knowing if Bubble experience on a big screen with iOS is now something that can be considered. Pencil would just be for precision in the absence of mouse support(but with emulation).

What I am actually really considering is an iPad pro 12.9 with Jumpdesktop and a Citrix X1 mouse. All connected to my workstation or a cloud PC like paperspace.

From an end-user perspective that is interesting but probably overkill :slight_smile:

I’m actually talking from a design/develop perspective.

What difference would it make compared to other browsers? Can it emulate right click for contextual menus?

Edit: I see what you mean. I downloaded it and tried out the mouse emulation! Thanks for the tip. Although it hasn’t been updated for 2 years already so I can count with it :frowning:


So this but with an iPad pro 12.9 and an Apple Pencil :slight_smile:

And possibly an up to date browser with mouse emulation instead of Puffin which I assume will not play nice with those iPad resolutions.


@levon tried that for exactly one evening, next day we were back to the store, refunding it and getting a nice laptop instead for almost the same price :slight_smile:


:rofl: so still not there then. I’m assuming you referring to native iOS.

Not remote desktop with Jump Desktop and Citrix mouse. Now that you can use a 4K monitor via usb-C with the update pro I was giving it a thought.

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Connecting the iPad Pro to a monitor will cause some letterboxing, though. (Black bars at the sides of the screen, since the aspect ratio of the iPad is different than most/all monitors). So there’s no way of taking full advantage of an external display. :confused:

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That’s a bummer. I was hoping for some magic scaling from the iPad pro and the bandwidth of usb-c

So basically it’s just a mirror function. Same as with previous iPads.

Well…back to the laptop search. I’ll take a look at surfaces too.

Ok, so I’m a bit late to this discussion, but I’ve been thoroughly impressed with my Google Pixelbook, a lightweight tablet + notebook combo that also runs Linux. The keyboard is also very nice - better than Apple’s. It makes for a great mobile Bubble dev machine. I have the entry level Core i5 version.

Is there any update on using Bubble with an iPad? I’m also considering a 12.9" iPad Pro with the Brydge keyboard, but it will be hard to justify if it can’t replace the Pixelbook for Bubble dev.


I tried with the latest beta of iOS 13 with my iPad and the “mouse” support as accessibility feature they implemented. Still unusable.

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Thanks for the update. Not what I was hoping to hear, but kinda what I expected. :frowning_face:

ChromeOS user here. It started 3 years ago as a in-between device until the latest MacBook announcement, but never switched back. Instead I bought a cheap Asus Flip (c301?) and the rest of that MacBook budget went to buy Apple stocks. A better investment, actually. I now have the Pixelbook and freaking love this thing.

To love:

  • keyboard
  • battery life
  • ChromeOS updates / Powerwash
  • aka tablet mode

Needs improvement:

  • Bluetooth support
  • pen is not super smooth
  • bezels too big
  • wish it had a 15" screen

I would loooove the iPad to be a proper replacement of it. So, any updates on the mouse support, I’m all ears.

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A few months ago, I tried the Brydge with an iPad Pro 12.9". Unfortunately, it’s just not usable with Bubble. However, a relatively inexpensive recent 13" MacBook Pro running Catalina and using an iPad Pro as a 2nd display via Sidecar is a suhhweet mobile setup. I just wish the Bubble properties panel could be displayed in a separate window. :neutral_face:


Not as of today. I always have trouble with the entire screen moving versus just 1 element. I’m on iPad Pro 12.9”, gave my MacBook Pro to wife so now using IMac and the IPad. Would be nice to be able to mess with bubble from anywhere again! I know there is a lot of other priorities but hope this one is on the list. Be well and stay safe out there.

For remote desktop use nearby? Have you tried iTeleport?