Bubble Development on iPad OS?

Hi all

If you have such experience, how is the browser based Bubble development like on the latest iPad OS?

Hi @khairulism !

I’m a big fan of the iPad Pro with iOS 13. An excellent productivity tool for me on the go and at home.

I occasionally use Bubble on the iPad and it work great ! Be careful, bubble is unusable without a mouse or trackpad. (I recommend a trackpad, it’s more suitable for iOS).


Appreciate your feedback:D

My laptop seems to be acting up and I’m preparing to replace it.

Glad to know that touchscreen is not a criteria if I’m just developing on Bubble.

Be careful of that…
Now, we can use a trackpad on the iPad and it work great. But you have to take into account the screen size. I have the 10.5 model and it’s very small for bubble. And if you are looking for a 12.9 model, it’s very expensive. With a keyboard and mouse you arrive at the price of a well-equipped Mac…

Furthermore, thinks twice about the apps. Photoshop for the iPad is not complete, illustrator, Xcode doesn’t exist… There are some alternatives (affinity) but you have to relearn…
And currently affinity apps can open only one file at time. So if you have to do some design for you bubble app, it’s very very slow annoying.

Apple says “iPad Pro is a computer” and in my way, yes that’s true now (we can do everything you do on a computer on iPad) but you do it differently. Some tasks are quicker and easier on iPad than a PC but others are horrible to do on an iPad.
So if you developing on Bubble all the day, a laptop is more comfortable and you will never feel limited in time.

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