BUG? Certain groups not showing up in the datasource option list

Certain groups i have on page not showing up in the datasource option list.

I’m trying to write in an RG datasource: “Group X’s thing’s list”, but that group doesn’t show up in the menu

Hi @cheskiefisch - just a quick check. Have you set the “Type of Content” of Group X? If so, is it compatible with what you’re trying to use as the source of your RG?

Bubble limits the datasource options list to elements that can possibly be a source for that data, so you need Group X to (i) have its data type set (or have a custom state assigned) that either (ii) is the data type you’re trying to pull or has a field that is that data type. For example if you’re trying to pull a list of, say, data type “Cats” from Group X when it hasn’t had the type of content specified or doesn’t have a custom state that could be Cat, it won’t show up as an option. It also won’t show up if the type of content in Group X is set to Dog, unless one of the fields of Dog is “EnemyCat” (Type: Cat or List of Cats).

Hopefully this makes sense. Every time I’ve run into this problem it’s been because of a data type conflict and has been easy to resolve.


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