Bugs with the popups

Is anybody having problems with “popups”?

I open them, but whenever I try resizing them, either the width or height,
the popup disappears from the screen.

This is happening with two apps of mine, one with the personal live version and the
other with the free development version, and I´m not a newcomer in Bubble. Very strange.

Bubble, is anybody there to help me???


:+1: yes, since yesterday!

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Yes seeing the same, also they are not being shown from custom workflows

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Yes same for a couple of days, seamed worse on pages that are in the old responsive engine.

Long pop ups also render poorly when scrolling down

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Same here! Very annoying

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Hi all!

I recommend filing bug reports with @bubble because the more reports the higher it’ll probably get escalated because that just means more users are experiencing the issue.


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Same here, been a while.

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Same here. Discovered today. Very annoying as can not fix an urgent fix.

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