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Bug with reset password button function

When i use the send reset password and setip up in workflows it does not activate and seems to get stuck. i only placed the SEND PASSWORD RESET EMAIL to current user’s email but i am not sure that is the right way.

over all it should be as we followed the directions. but nothing happen. is it a bug?

If the user isn’t logged in, then “current user” probably doesn’t have an email address associated. You probably need to reference an email in an input somewhere on the page to make this work right.

As always, it’s hard to diagnose without a link to your editor.

in order to build a forgot your password module i need to think of it as user isnt logged in you know

Yup, so you’d probably have an input field on the page where a user can add their email. Then, you’d use that input value to send the reset link to.

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yes did that. but the recover password popup i made seems to be a corrupted button of some sort. because all workflow is right and nothing happen

I suggest sharing a link to your editor so we can take a look at what’s happening. Hard to diagnose without looking under the hood