Email "reset password" not being sent, other e-mail is

I just setup email using Sendgrid. I have tried numerous times to send a reset password mail, but to no avail. I thought my Sendgrid connection was at fault. However, I just did a simple test with the Workflow Action “Send Mail”, which worked! I received an email.
So my email settings must be allright, then.

It must be a problem with my workflow for the Reset Password button, then.
Does anyone ave a clue why my reset password is not being sent?
See settings here:

Do I miss something?

Bonus question: in de reset password page (which comes out of the box with all apps), there is no workflow added for the button. I had expected one. What is the use of this page then, when I have to create the functionality myself? I am talking about this page:

In the same workflow where you are resetting the email, add another action to send email, which you know works, and send yourself an email that contains some data to help debug the situation. For example send the value you are using for the “email to reset” field and also maybe do a search for that user and send their unique id just to be sure you are actually inputting an actual user.

Bonus: The point of them providing a reset password page is because bubble handles the saving of all passwords and in order to be sure the reset password email sends the user to the correct place then it would only make sense for them to have the url to the reset password page and not allow bubble devs to edit it. they allow you to make the workflows and everything else though in the event you want to add extra security checks or anything else.

You have to do this as a backend workflow. In other words, you need to set up a server side workflow to send users the magic link, and pass in a user.

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Thanks for your replies.
@mattygb: I don’t quite get what you are saying.

Sorry for being brief in my response, yes its exactly as @NigelG has stated. The idea behind it is that Page workflows can possible expose alot of data to the end user, and some times that data is of a sensitive nature. To circumvent this, bubble requires this action to be exectuted fully outside of the user’s scope.