Bugs in Code...HTML, CSS, JS when delete Dynamic Values

I am just too frustrated now not to post this. Been experiencing this for a while now and it just kills my ability to use actual code in the areas we are enable to, such as an HTML element or in a Javascript workflow using a plugin.

When I have a dynamic value that I need to delete, the same junk happens everytime.

I clear the expression. the empty ‘click’ box appears. I delete the ‘click’ box and then my code gets all screwed up.

Sometimes my code will just have deleted values from other areas of the code, usually other dynamic values, other times parts of the code get duplicated.

This causes enormous headaches as I sometimes have code that is long, and the entire code is not visible, and so when some random junk occurs like deleted code or duplicated code, I have to spend way too much time looking over every detail to try and find what happened. Usually I just need to abandon and start from scratch.

Anybody else experience this? @eve is this a known issue?

Code Issues

In this example you can focus on the ‘labelstring’ as I delete the ‘max value’ dynamic data the ‘labelstring’ dynamic data has half of it deleted and at the same time a large portion of the text, what looks like all code between the ‘max value’ dynamic value deleted and the ‘labelstring’ is duplicated.

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