Build only part of the website with bubble

Hi all! this might be a pretty basic question: Is it possible to just build part of the website with bubble, and build other parts with another platform?
Let’s say my website is, I already built most of the content with wordpress, but there is some function that I need that can’t be fulfilled with wordpress environment, so I need to build it in bubble and give it the address “”. And for the users of the website the transaction/integration will look seamless.


Yes, setting up a section of your website on Bubble is easy. For an app I’m working on my landing page is hosted outside Bubble and is built with WordPress. The app is set up on Bubble on the subdomain . You can name this whatever you prefer.

You need to setup a subdomain in the DNS settings of where your domain is registered. Then add that subdomain to Bubble under the Domains section in Settings.

As for the functionality on the WordPress website, this is tricky as it depends on what you are trying to achieve. You can use services like Zapier or Integromat to connect WordPress with Bubble and automate certain tasks.

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