Need freelancer for a short quiz with scoring: ASAP

Hi Everyone,

I am looking for a freelancer to create a 10 question quiz. Each answer is a yes/no radio button. There is a little bit of math based on the answer. Each answer will be scored in 4 categories.
Example: A yes answer on question 1 will be: +10 category 1, +10 category 2, 0 category 3 and 0 category 4. And similar idea for all 10 questions. There is a total of 10 questions and 4 categories for each questions- a total of 40 fields. Each category is then added for a total score.

Bonus if we can get the final scores into a bar graph.

I have the questions and scoring ready to go. Just need the programming.

Working with a short time frame. Please reply if you can take the job.


Hi, please check your PM :slight_smile:


PM sent, Please check.


This sounds like something within my area of expertise and I would be interested.
You can reach me on
Best Wishes,


Built a similar app a couple of months back. Happy to help out. Please check PM.



This project has been completed. A big thank you to the bubble community for being helpful and responsive.

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