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Building a site like

I was wondering if it is possible to use bubble to build an education site like, pluralisight or
The site will have multiple courses, with each course having its commenting tool, transcripts,( ability to search the transcript) dowloadable resources and searchable etc.I feel as if it is posisble ,but I just wanted to be sure before I invets the time.

Can’t see there would be anything that can’t be done in Bubble.


Looks a good application to Bubble. Start with one dummy course, with 3-4 lessons. Embed youtube videos in the lesson page. Make a multi line input so the student can take notes, etc.
Include a search box in the home page, then a list of courses. Make the basic frame, mind the business matters (pricing etc) and start improving on top.

Have a look here …

Much smaller chunks that an Udemy course, but you get the idea I hope.