Udemy look-alike in Bubble

I am trying to build a mobile version of something similar to Udemy.

So basically there will be multiple videos that a user can watch, and after completion of each video there will be a Quiz.

Each user will have a score depending upon the answers given, and also each user will have a different rate of course completion. Once the video is completed a tick should be shown against the video

Is this possible in Bubble ? If yes, how ?

Hi there, @nitish.nayak… yes, it is possible to build something like Udemy in Bubble, and here are some resources you should check out.


Hey @mikeloc, thanks for this !

Though I couldn’t find any reference for creating a quiz with this ?

As in, if a user completes a particular module, a quiz will be enabled (Similar to Udemy)

Is that possible in Bubble ?

Yes, that is definitely possible in Bubble.

Any reference link for same ?

Nope. Do a search for quiz-related topics.

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