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How to build Udacity (or Udemy) like website


I would like to build an app where others pay me to view an online video course.

The best part about udacity is the catalogue page, ability to filter down to the type of courses.

How would I do something like this in Bubble?

Have you completed the lessons on your Bubble home page?

This is certainly possible, but you will need to understand how all the different pieces of Bubble works. There are, as always, a million variations of how to go about this. You could create a complete Udacity ripoff. In that case, you still need to understand how Bubble works and start duplicating features… but why do that when you can build your own thing?

I look at it like Legos: you can build anything if you understand what it will take to bring you from idea to concept to working prototype. Don’t try building the Millennium Falcon if you don’t know what all the different components are. Start small and you will get there eventually.

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Any good tutorial website you can recommend?

Hey @mohamad.r.khan

@brentsum 's courses on cover some of the major building blocks you’re going to need for this project.

Yes i am part of
Its good but not enough

I need an ecommerce site example, none of the examples on codefree are for ecommerce

@mohamad.r.khan - You say you want a page that shows filtered courses and the ability for people to book. If you think about it, the Codefree Airbnb app is basically the same… just for apartment rental.

@mohamad.r.khan What have you built so far and what problems are you hitting so we can help.

One of my objectives is to build an ecommerce store

Simple ecommerce with shopping cart, payments etc.

So that’s what I’m struggling to find an example of

@mohamad.r.khan If you’re looking for prebuilt apps to copy or detailed tutorials, you’re not going to find them outside of things like Codefree or the Udemy course I mentioned to you.

But the tutorials do give you all the tools you need to start. Now you just need to break down the app into parts.

So you’re selling things? Right, you’ll need to create a Type called Product (or something). That will need fields like name, description, price etc.

You’ll want a product page, this will be a Repeating Group that will display all the Product items there are in the database. You’ll display title, price etc.

You want people to be able to but these items? Add a Buy now button to the repeating group and use the Stripe plugin. When the button is clicked, you have a workflow that creates a Stripe charge using the price of that product.

Want a shopping cart? That’s possible. for your User type, you’ll create a field called ‘CartProducts’ (or something), and it will be a list of type Product. Add a ‘Add to Cart" button to your product page, and create a workflow, so that when the button is clicked, that Product gets added to the User’s CartProducts’ list.

So you see, you have all the pieces, and the tutorials you’re already following have taught you how to do all the things I’ve just described.


That’s great,

Can you tell me more about how I would build the cart page.
The other stuff you described, makes total sense, the challenge now is the cart page

@mohamad.r.khan Glad to help :slight_smile:

So, as I mentioned, create a new field for your User type. Call it something like CartProducts. This field should be of type Product (you’ll need to create that first). Tick the box that says the field will be a list.

Then you just need a button on each product page. When it’s clicked, that page’s Product is added to the User’s CardProduct list.

On a cart page, you just need a repeating group that displays all the Products currently stored in the CartProducts list.

Try setting this up as described. If you get stuck, post a link to your app here and we can help you over and hurdles you hit.

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