Udemy Course - Free

Please feel free to signup for a free course that I am building on learning Bubble.


My apologies on the video from lectures 2 thru 16. But I am adding a whole new section on building a Udemy Clone using Bubble.


Wow, awesome! Great stuff, Andrew.

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Will be interesting to see the Udemee course. We just finished planning an enterprise level training platform for a client that’s a mix of Udemee and another app.

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I hope to finish the Bonus App 1 Udemee some time this month.

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I really enjoyed your course.
I think after downloaded it I have watched some lessons for at least 20 times. To be sure that I understood the logic.

If you keep on with the Ude… clone in another platform, paid content, I would be the first to enroll

Thanks… you´re the man!

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Thanks! I will definitely think about creating a followup course.

I am taking your Udemee Udemy course ::slight_smile: It is great! It looks there is a lecture missing about how you managed to create the Subcategory Focus Group. I tried to create one on my own but to no avail. Your help is appreciated.

which lecture number?

also, i said that the course was going to be free forever and that was totally in my plans, but unfortunately I have to raise money to pay for my Bubble subscription :slight_smile:

This must be between lecture 12 & 13. Lecture 13 shows the Subcategory focus group working fine but this was not explained in lecture 12.