Building an email marketing service


I’m building a Bubble app that will let my customers build, manage & deploy email campaigns.

The main features this app should have:

  • Let the user upload a list of emails of there clients.
  • Create the email content & choose the recipients for that campaign.
  • Send t/schedule sending his email content to that list of recipients


  1. Should I integrate with an email service like Sendgrid etc. To ensure better delivery of the emails?
  2. Any idea how I can make the emails deliver from my customer’s domain? What configurations need to be done in this case to minimize junk mail delivery? I’m not sure how it works with third party email marketing services.
  3. Tracking - Any idea how I can track things like email openings, clicks on links etc?

Any other idea/tips would be great!


Yes, probably, but you’re probably gonna eventually run into deliverability issues.

Using their APIs

Using their APIs as well

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