Can we build email marketing CRM like mailchimp or anything with bubble?

I’m trying to build a sales automation platform but just wondering about the limitations of bubble. Is it possible to connect users SMTP inside the bubble app to schedule email campaigns?

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Sure, you can use external services such as Sendgrid via an API and send Mails to a list of users of any size.

Has anyone ever created such a CRM?
I am finalizing my CRM and would also like to enable this option for my clients to send marketing emails to their end customers. I am thinking of using AWS SES what is your opinion or suggestion?
Thank you in advance

maligun and sendgrid (already mentioned) are two other big players in the email industry. Any one of these solutions are fairly comparable, your preference. All will play nice with Bubble.

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Thanks for the reply,
I agree that these two are good players, however most of them have very small limits on email validation. Our CRm is planned for more than 15k users. But we don’t want our users to send marketing emails with our email, we want them to validate their email and send and the emails to be sent with their “from” email through our CRM.

For example maligun has a limit of 5,000 Email Address Verifications and that for us becomes a problem :frowning: