Building BuyMeACoffee Clone

Hi All,

I’m working on building a no code version of BuyMeACoffee and am curious if others have done the same. I’ve followed the Patreon clone building tutorial, but noticed that this only gives the ability to a single Stripe account. I’m wondering if anyone has used the Stripe plug-in to allow users to connect to their own Stripe account and if there are any tutorials out there describing how this can be done. Thanks very much for your time.

Hello Craig, just checking in, have you been able to achieve this? Would also need some help here

Hey @oluwadanie and @craigmichaelm,

In regards to allowing other users to connect their own Stripe account, this is a feature that was always within Bubble’s Stripe Plugin, but recently @tj-bubble updated it to the v3 version of Stripe, so you’ll get a similar behavior as BuyMeACoffee. You’ll just need to make sure that your Stripe account is approved for Stripe Connect, then you should be able to accomplish this.

I’d just play around with the Bubble Stripe plugin. It’s really easy to use if you have a Stripe account.