Button action to open an HTML element

Hi everyone, i’d like to know how to get this action to work. So i have a chatbot that i put in the Page header. How do i get a button to open that chatbot as well?

As seen here, clicking the bot opens it. I want it to open as well when i press either of these 2 buttons i made. Hope to get a solution here, TIA!!!

Toolbox plugin
Run JavaScript action

Copy and paste whichever you want to happen




Hey, thanks for chiming in!
Using this: Intercom(‘showNewMessage’) led to this error
and using the latter code led to the same error as well


Still gives the same error, unfortunately. Not sure if its a toolbox issue or intercom issue

Sorry not at a computer so can’t test myself.

Here’s their documentation though

No, its alright. Just need to figure this out but thank you. Hope to find the answer to this

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