Button To Create New Page?

Hello I Am Looking for A Plugin That Makes A New Page When A Button Is Pressed Can Someone Tell Me any Plugin That May Help Me?

This function is not currently possible. On the other hand, it might be a good one. You can change your category for idea. If your idea is absolutely necessary, you would have to have another server open with the Bubble editor and an automation software that does the job like the scripting easy to use WinAutomation (pc only)


Most of the time, when people ask for creating a new page, this can be solve by using a new Database thing and set a page to this thing. If you can explain more your use case, we may provide a better anwer.

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Wait when you say new page, do you mean a new page on Bubble or a new page like, on Facebook in which you create a Group Page or Profile Page

im trying to make a forum so basicly when a new topic is made it creates a new page and the topic will be there kinda link with bubble.is forums when you make a new topic it creates a new page

You’ll only need one page then. Create a data type called “forumPost” and then assign the new page as type “forumPost”.

Then whenever a user clicks on a post, navigate to the page and send this forumPost as the parameter.

im a bit confused any way you can send a video or pics?

These might help get you started on this. You’ll just create a page as stated above, and send the specific ‘forum post’ to the page. There’s no need to create a page each time a new topic is posted in your app. Just displaying the information that was selected by the user:

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ok thanks ill try this

I built one a while back. I’ll try and see if I still have it when I’m back at my desk later today. If so, I’ll send it your way.

ok thanks, if not could you help me make one?

I can certainly help you when you need it. :slight_smile:

okay you got discord?

I’ll PM you

Here’s a quick example I threw together, at least enough for you to get started with how to pass the information to another page. Click on the ‘Title’ of a post to take you to the details of it. Hope this helps.



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