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Button to Input Current Time in an Input Box

Hello all,

I’m sorry for the few topics I have open, but when I move to something else, I always seem to get stuck.

Currently, I have a button and an Input box:

I’m attempting to have the button input the current time for the user instead of relying on the user to input it themselves. This is just accomplished by clicking the button, which should make the time appear in the input box.

However, here is where I’m stuck:

I added a workflow for when the button is clicked to: my input time box, made a custom state that is a text called “Time” and chose the value to be current date/time --> formatted as HH:MM AM/PM.

It makes sense to me but when I go to preview the page, nothing happens. I know this is really simple but I just do not understand. Thank you for your help.

You are setting a state on the input not a value.

So, you set the initial content of the input to the custom state and then reset the input from the workflow.

Depending on what you are doing in the backend, you should keep everything stored as Dates, and then simply display whatever format you want to the user in the frontend.


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This was absolutely exactly what I needed. Thank you so much for sharing your editor and example with me. It helped me understand exactly what I needed to do. It’s still doesn’t make complete sense for me, but thanks to you I have it working!

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You don’t need to edit your title and put solved in it, there is an option on my post to select solution, just click it…it puts a check mark next to the title and keeps it all clean :slight_smile:

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