📆 Bype - Booking App - Scheduling meetings is now fast and easy

Hello everyone! :tada:

I’m pleased to announce my new app: Bype. It’s a scheduling tool that allows you to create a booking page showing your time slots based on your availability where your clients can book with you. Synced with your Google calendar or Outlook calendar.

The meetings can be automatically created on Zoom, Google Meet or Microsoft Teams.
If you don’t want an online meeting, you can put a location or a phone number.

You can also get paid before your client schedule the meeting: sell single events or event packages. It’s very easy: just connect your stripe account with bype and set the price for your event type.


  • Google Calendar
  • Outlook Calendar
  • Zoom
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Stripe

I’d be very happy with your feedback! Thank you!


If want to become an affiliate it would be an honour! You can get 30% commission on all payments from paying customers you refer to https://bype.live for as long as the customer is a subscriber! Simply signup and click on the button Get U$100. There, you can create your link and start getting paid! :moneybag:

Well done. Wishing you success. Keep us updated on how it goes. Now the production is done the marketing begins.

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Hi! Thank you! Do you have any tips for marketing? I’m trying to find creative ways of doing it.

Not particularly. I imagine a good starting point would be to identify all the main industries where scheduling is in demand (doctors, interpreters, etc) and then find niche sites where all of them gather and find how best to target everyone on those sites. Also paid ads on such niche sites may be more effective than FB and Google.

Such sites usually have paid batch emailing to all members services as well.

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Great idea. I was trying google ads for 2 days and the cost was too high for the amount of conversions it generated (only 2 user).

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hey! i wanna try but the link doesn’t work :frowning: