Can anyone reply to my reply on my previous post

It’s not clear from your last question on your previous post what you’re trying to do… so it will be difficult for anyone to help much without knowing the context.

How are you intending to populate the Group with data (and which data entry does it relate to)?

If the parent group has no data then autobinding won’t work (obviously, as there’s nothing to bind the input values to)…

So you need to populate the parent group with data first… how you do that depends entirely on what you’re trying to do and your UI/UX (i.e. which data entry you’re making the changes to)…

I would like the data in the parent group to be all the data that the user inputs in the input boxes. My parent group relates to my data type ‘2018 data’ and the input boxes in my parent group relate to the relevant field in my ‘2018 data’ type e.g. ‘Diesel quantity (Ltrs)’ in my parent group relates to the field called ‘Diesel Ltrs’ in my data type ‘2018 data’.
My problem is, I now know that my parent group needs a populated data source but when I try and do this I can only link the group to one of the individual fields rather than the whole 2018 data type.
The data entry that I want to make changes to are all the input boxes in my parent group.
I think I’m clearly doing something wrong but I just can’t identify it.

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