Can bubble be used for a Powtoon clone?

Please I would like to know if Bubble can be used to build something similar to or

It should be possible to recreate the animation editor in Bubble, but I think you’d be limited in the video/animation effects options you could offer users unless you managed to find some Javascript libraries that do what you need that you could build into Bubble plugins.

In conclusion, this would be a monster job!


Thank you Andrew. Wondering though ,w hen you say basic functionality what do you mean? edit text? change colour of the objects? maybe move objects around?


No worries.

Basic site structure, account creation, login, image upload - all pretty easy. Basic editing, like text overlay, color changing text etc, should all be achievable in one way or another.

Where you’ll hit problems I think is anything more advanced. Cropping, rotation, layering etc, as well as anything with animation/movement. The other issue is exporting the final version to a file the user can take away. Some plugins exist but not sure if they’d work for what you need.

Mind you, Bubble has a pretty advanced plugin and element builder now, so if you can find Javascript libraries for what you need then all could be possible.

Other thing to consider maybe is why? Is this a hobby project, or an attempt at a business? If it’s the former, then I say dive right in and play around. If it’s the latter, then I’d say it might be quite hard to completely match or emulate Powtoon’s feature set which would be important if you want to compete. Might be better to concentrate on finding a simple but killer feature these sites don’t have that you can quickly build into an MVP using Bubble. Gain some confidence and have something you can get user feedback on quickly before deciding whether to invest more time/money

Good luck! :slight_smile:

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Thank you. Super helpful:blue_heart: