Quick question please - Can I do this?

Can I do this?

I’d like too create an app and saas for photographers.

Each photographer would have their own app linked to their account and webpage where they can login so they can schedule bookings, send invoices etc.

Can I do that under 1 bubble plan? It wouldn’t be cost efficient if each photographer had to pay $29 monthly.

Thank you

Why can’t be one app there they can schedule bookings, send invoices etc.?

Thank you - Because there will be different businesses using it.

Or is there a way to give each business a web app / desktop page where they can login and see their own bookings, send invoices etc… using multiple subdomains?

If I understand this correctly, you’re simply giving the photographer access to a single app where they can do whatever they need to do.

If that’s the case, then that is perfectly possible with bubble. Let’s take Xero as an example; you login and do your accounts for your business, send invoices etc. Does that sound similar?

Regarding sub-domains, I’m unsure about that part and it may be difficult (sure others can chip on here although search for this in the forum first). It’s certainly possible to give a photographer a unique link. Something like: myapp.com/photographername - which could even act as a landing page for a portfolio for example.

Thank you - That sounds great

Using that solution would they be able to have their own mobile app as well? So they can login and see jobs etc on the move?

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