Looking to build a SaaS product on bubble

Hey Bubble, I run an online services marketplace (hosted on another no code solution) and my clients are asking for additional features that are starting to look a lot like a SaaS product.
My idea is to build a marketplace & SaaS hybrid

Can someone guide me as to how the following would work:

  • business signs up to SaaS product and they get assigned their own instance of the web app i.e. abc.mycompany.com or xyz.mycompany.com (can this be built on bubble & if so does this impact hosting cost?)
  • other than publishing their services & availability for booking, the ability to create and customise their own email communications to their customers is a big one. What plugin or solution can you utilise as an app owner to set up e-mail communications for the bookings that they can organise & customise & even create their own?

I think bubble only supports one extra instance of this; I believe it is referred to as a sub-domain and they only allow for one presently

However you could do mycompany/abc.com or mycompany/xyz.com as much as you would like, which obviously is a bit different but could still provide a sense that your businesses are getting their own webpage

If you are set on the company having their own unique domain name then you could sign up for bubbles highest tier paid plan which is around $1000/month and allows you to create and host as many apps you wish as long as it is within capacity ( which you could always increase )…the idea of hosting many apps isn’t really difficult as you could build one and copy it as many times as you need.

In terms of email plugins etc, I am not that familiar but I have seen people use sendgrid…but there may be a lot of others…search the plugin “store” for more, or perhaps somebody else will chime in.

thank you for the suggestions :slight_smile:

If you want your clients to have their own domain search for ‘subapps’ here on the forum. That would fit your use case nicely but yes, using subapps will impact your costs.