Can I match a day of the week

In my database I have a field called day of the week (which you would plug in Mon, Tues, etc. in the input), and what I want to happen on the page is to show all the entries that match current day of the week. Is it possible to do that?


Yes…but dates are represented using time…if you play around with the current date time feature and use the ‘extract’ function to extract the day it will not be Monday, Tuesday etc…but instead a number ( 0 - 6 ) with zero equal to Sunday and Monday is 1.

So in your DB if you want to have the Day of the week field visually represented on screen by Mon, Tues etc… you may want to create an option set Days of the Week and have the display be Mon, Tues etc. and add an attribute that is a number.

Then when you should change your field from a text field into the Option Set Days of the Week and when you want to match the current day of the week it would be something like this "get an option ‘option set days of the week’ filtered (constraint = current option set number is equal to current date/time :extract day ) :first item

What this does is gets all 7 options from the days of the week option set, then filters it to find the one option whose number attribute is the same as the current day of the week extracted day number value.


awesome!! Thank you for the detailed information. I will give this a shot.

I had the same issue but for month - I just had a super call yesterday with @J805 for an hour and got it solved.

I’d thoroughly recommend you book time with him

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Thanks for the shout out @help :blush:


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