Autocomplete SEARCHbox. Enthusiastic Green Ear Here!

Hi Guys,

I’m soooooo fired up after found this visual software, cause I have a great plans, and brave enough to learn this software from zero to the last secret.

So basicly I got understanding problems in the searchbox.

I want to make a searchbox what use values from a database.

I made a database: ‘CARS’ and field: PLatenumbers.
Now I wanted to make a searchbox: If I type a plate no. It will auto complete that from my database list. But it just does not work. I think I dont understand fully, how a program read a database…

I appreciate every little help, also you can count me to give back your support later to the community as well :slight_smile: !

Hi @richiemiller :wave: Welcome!

Remove the constraint. The SearchBox is already going to filter your Cars by what’s typed in - that’s the point of the element. Just keep in mind that I think it needs at least 2 characters typed to start auto-filling.

Try that out!

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Hi Gaby, (@romanmg)

Thank you for your quick solutions, its perfect, and worked! Accept my gratitude forever!

Have a great day!

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@romanmg sorry for take your time, but for now may I Have another beginner question?

So your solutions worked great, but…

I want to make a data ‘line’ with 3 entry. I have configured a group with 3 input and 1 button.
1 searchbox, so you type plate no. after places, after weight. BUT! I have 2 problem with that:

1: When I type plate no, the searchbox autocomplete that, but when I hit enter Its trigger the buttor instead of comple the ‘autocomplete’…

2: If I fill all out of 3 input, and hit the send button, Its save both text inputs to the database, but not the searchox autocomplete text… See in pic!

export|690x108 K%C3%A9pkiv%C3%A1g%C3%A1s3 K%C3%A9pkiv%C3%A1g%C3%A1s4 K%C3%A9pkiv%C3%A1g%C3%A1s5


Hi @romanmg :pray: Thanks!

Just wanted to say thank you, cause I just bought your quick tutorial e-book, and learned far more in 20min than on my own for 2day.

So thanks :blush:

p.s.: also you can use my opinion as a reference for your website / newsletter etc. (I’m a marketeer, I know its always a ‘need’ :wink:

That’s so great to hear @richiemiller, and I appreciate the kind review.

Sorry I missed your last question on here - were you able to sort it out or do you still need help?

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@romanmg- yeah absolutely, I figured out. Thank you :slight_smile: !

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