Can products created in Stripe autopopulate into a Bubble app?


Any pointers would be much appreciated, or just a confirmation that the task itself is in fact possible.

Is it possible to create a product within Stripe and then populate that product or a list of products within a Bubble app?

For example, my app is a on demand tech services app. Users will be able to select tech support services like “New Computer Setup” from within the app, and afterwards continue on to select the date and time that they want the service before arriving at the checkout which is all being processed by the Stripe.Js plugin.

Currently, I’m creating each service within the app, which works fine enough enough for the MVP, but I was just wondering if there was a way where I could just create the services in Stripe which would autopopulate the list of available services within my app.


I should note that the version of the Stripe plugin that I use is 1.8.10. The reason being is because the copilot training covers that version and newer versions seem to break my workflows and change up fields. Its a little confusing so I’ve continued to use this version for the time being.

Thank you