Can someone help me with user types and privacy roles?

I am checking the database the permissions field are empty except for one which wasn’t created today

You can either apply a condition on the RG or a condition on the cell

The workflows I created in your app make changes to Post, therefore there is no need to Save again. You might want to run workflows though to display the list in the RG depending on conditions to display the right list of posts

You should create dummy data with test permissions to see if they display correctly in the RG

I applied the conditions on the RG. I created dummy data but it is not working

@grace.hallak I see you’ve applied this condition on the RG:

But that’s not right. I just realized I wrote “condition on the RG” in my previous post sorry about that. You’re currently putting a condition on a list of Posts that says ‘make this RG visible’ or not. You have two options:

  • Put the cell’s content into a group that fits the whole cell, and put these conditions on the group (not in the RG). Don’t forget to collapse the group when hidden
  • Filter the RG (with constraints, not conditions)

Okay thanks for the help. I will try that and I will tell you if that worked or not.

Nothing happened. I put the conditions on the group post. I tried to filter the RG with constraints but I don’t what to write after “add”.

@grace.hallak as for now it cannot work because:

Meaning if you change the User Type’s Internal Users to yes you should see one Post in the RG (assuming you’re running preview with this User obviously)

Yes I am logged in as subs user type and I am still seeing the post.

Ah you’re trying not to see the post? I thought your problem was that you were not able to see any posts.

Yes I am logged in as subs user type and I am still seeing the post.

Can a User have multiple User Types? i.e. Internal Users and Subs/vendors?

No but I will add a checkbox “ALL” that means Internal users and subs/vendors (all user types) can see the post

Alright in that case User Type can just be a text field in User and we can filter the RG more effectively
I made a change, please try it with test123 and let me know if that does the trick

yeah that is doing the trick

but I just logged in as test (user Type: Internal User) but I can’t see any posts

I added a post from test123 for internal users, I can’t see anything from test acc

If a User cannot have multiple User Types, there is no reason to have this User Type field, you’re over complicating things. Instead you can use the User Type test as text, where you can simply set the text to “Internal Users” or “Subs/Vendors” when you define the User’s type

I did that so the admin can change the user type oof the users from the admin page

how to under complicate things? The problem is still not solved. The posts are still not visible to the test acc

this is really starting to cause me headaches. I couldn’t figure this out for a week now. Any solution for this?

Thanks again for the help!