Can’t get off the starting blocks

I’m just starting out to try to learn Bubble. Re Start lesson 1 - Saving data …when I click into the placeholder box that states, “Start typing…” (with big red arrow underneath) my iPad’s keyboard doesn’t appear so I’m stumped before I’m even started!?

With your index finger or thumb press into the placeholder box…if you are using a mouse then just click into the box; that might prompt your keyboard to open

Thanks. Unfortunately I’m not using a mouse and tapping into box doesn’t bring up the keyboard

Hey @martin.boronte :wave:

Bubble is really hard to use on an iPad. I recommend using a computer and using Chrome if possible. I would always accidentally drag elements around when I was trying to scroll down the page. It’s pretty frustrating.

I use a MacBook Pro with 32 GB memory and Bubble works great.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Thanks Jason, kind of you. Shame it’s not usable for iPads!

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