Can you add algorithm to the Workflow of your app?

Dear Bubble builders,

To round up my last development projects of 2020, I need to finish the backend structure of a personality quiz app that I made on Bubble.

This is my approach so far for the Workflow part.

Start Quiz button -> if clicked -> Create a user in a database

Q1, option b -> assign value to user sociability field -> for example +1 or - 1

“All other questions and options.”

The problem is on the results page.
For example, I can display the extravert - introvert score by adding a formula to the progression bar API.

Progression bar -> fetch value from database user - sociability field -> divide by 8.

But to add the right image to the end screen, I’ve to add an algorithm to determine how each personality aspect weights.

Whereas as I can play with database structure like fetch, post, etc. I have not found the ability to add, let’s say, a javascript to my project.

So I have two questions:

  1. Can you use an API to run a javascript on the database?

  2. Can copy and past workflows. It seems idiotic to me to have to program every option 8x4 =32 actions, which can be solved by creating a class.

Thanks for thanking the time to read through.

Have a stellar 2021!