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Data to Send Destination Issue


So the last issues on my website I need to fix are all ‘remember to fill out Data to Send’ in order for me to go live.

I have made my text logo inside my header, workflow set to: when text clicked go to homepage.

The problem I am trying to solve is that, the content type of my homepage is set to Question. The text is in Group A, which has ‘type of content’ set to User.

Any solutions to solve on what I should change the content type to or how I should solve my ‘remember to fill out Data to Send’ issue.

You will fill out the data to send field with “do a search for” and then chose “question” from the dropdown list

I tried this, I have had no success with this method. Any other ideas?

Please send a screenshot of the properties window of your homepage and a screenshot of the workflow where you need to fill out Data to Send with the do a search for selected and the dropdown set to question

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