Cannot set state of text element within a table

Hi there,

I have created a page with nothing on it but a text element. When I attempt to set its state on page load, I get this strange error:

Here is the link to the editor: ficrypto | Bubble Editor

Make sure to set state to Element not in Repeating Group that i saw in editor not like image uploaded and it will work fine .

The error is about another text in the index page.

  1. Click on the error to go there.
  2. Select the action Set State
  3. Re-select the element there - the text in the dropdown doesn’t exist anymore.

Or just delete the workflows and elements in the index page if not needed there.


Setting the state of the text works fine, but once I put that text in a table (within a repeating group in that table or outside of it) it gives me an error like so: ficrypto | Bubble Editor

Are you saying you can’t set the state of an element in a repeating group?

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