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Can't access parent group data in workflow from sub- repeating group

Matchmaking application, connecting study abroad candidates with universities.

Candidate publish a list of projects, and universities are asking for contact inside each project.

So I have 1 repeating group listing the projects, and in each project, a list of pending contact request from universities (as described in picture).

My problem is : when clicking on the accept button, I can’t call the project to add or remove the contact request user, the only options are the current cell user or current page user, not the parent’s group project.

Any ideas?

@catinota In the pending contact data type, create a field “project” and field type will be the data type project from the 1st repeating group. This way you can access the parent repeating group via the data field in the nested repeating group. You can also use that field project to display the contacts (do a search for contacts; contraint project=parent cell’s project)