Can't add Current User to make changes to thing

Hi, I’m trying to make a upvote button. In the forum says that I need to set “upvote add Current User” but when I do this turns in red. I have to be missing something important but I don’t know what could be.

This is how I’m seting it up

Option set: List of Users

Data type - Post - upvotes

Data type - user

Upvote button appearance

Workflow error

I don’t understand what you’re trying to do with your option set ‘list of users’?

For one thing, your current set up doesn’t have any attributes, other than ‘display’ which is a ‘text’ type, and you also don’t have any options in it.

Then your ‘upvotes’ field is set to be a list of your ‘List of users’ options - which is why you can’t add a the current user (which is a type ‘User’) to a field which expects an option (of which the only attribute is a text).

What are you trying to achieve by having an option set for list of users?

Option sets can’t be added to or edited dynamically by workflows so it doesn’t make any sense to use an option set for something like upvotes (not in this way at least).

You also can’t have a ‘user’ type attribute on an option set, so wouldn’t be able to link an option to a user, if that’s what you’re trying to do.

From what you’ve shown, it seems more likely that you’re trying to add a list of ‘users’ to your ‘Post’ datatype in the upvote field.

If that’s the case, your upvote field should be of type ‘User’, and set to a list.

Then your workflow to add the current user to the Post’s Upvote field will work.

Define the list and then add :plus item to that list, you will need to reference the original list first. Re your above workflow, it doesn’t seem to make any logical sense. I highly suggest you to look into the basic tutorials and retry.

Thank you! Now all that make sense to me.
Solution: In the data type “User” make the field “upvote” type user and check the “Make a list” box.

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