Workflow - updating database - dropdown list greyed out

For some reason, i am unable to select a dropdown list on this tutorial I am doing. All the dropdown items that need to be update, the dropdown list are greyed when trying to select.


As a work around for this, in case anyone else is experiencing this.

I picked a different field in database that was a text and then the dropdown list was available as an option. I selected it and it’s value. After selecting it, I went and changed the field to the one I originally wanted…Property-type.

Not sure why this is happening, but very annoying.

Normally, this happen because the field in DB and the dropdown are not of the same type. Please share screenshot of the dropdown settings and DB setting for this field

@Jici Not saying this is the case here but one annoying thing is Bubble is trying to be helpful by greying out options, but imagine if we needed to point to Thing1’s Thing2. Thing2 being the matching datatype, it wouldn’t let us just cause Thing1 wasn’t matching :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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I agree… but pretty sure that: property-type is a database type while the dropdown is a text… and in this case, it’s totally make sense to get it greyed. I don’t think that when the dropdown is set to a type, this will be greyed, even if not the same type (but be red in property-type composer)


Usually it’s greyed out, not just when the dropdown’s value itself is of the wrong type… but when there is no possible way, from any of the dropdown’s value’s attributes, to arrive at the correct type…

If there’s a connection from thing 1 to thing 2 to thing 3, and thing 3 is the correct type, then a dropdown of thing 1 type shouldn’t be greyed out.

But if thing 1 doesn’t have any fields of thing 3, nor does it have any fields of other things that have fields of thing 3, then there’s no possible way to arrive to a value of thing 3 from a value of thing 1, and so the dropdown will not be selectable.

That’s always been my observation anyway…